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"No matter where you travel, when you meet a guy who's been...
There's an instant kind of friendship 'cause we're brothers of the 'phin."

                                                                Robert Reed, George Washington Carver (SSBN-656)

Horizontal Scroll: THE SNORKELYAKIMA SUBMARINE VETERANíS BASE NEWSLETTERVolume I, No. 1First Quarter March, 2002


††††† Hi, I'm Mark Briggs, Base Vice Commander and Secretary.  In an effort to reach more of our members that canít always be at our monthly meetings, it is our effort to post our quarterly newsletter links here on this page.Our illustrious Vice Commander/Secretary has done a fantastic job of creating and editing our newsletter.  Click on the links below to read the appropriate volume and get up to date on what your Yakima Submarine Veteranís group is doing for you.


         THE SNORKEL Vol 1, No. 1.


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